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Our Learning in Nursery

Autumn 1 

Our First Few Weeks

We have had an amazing first few weeks in Little Puffin Nursery, we have made amazing relationships with our new friends and enjoyed learning both inside and out. Over the last few weeks we have learnt the colours in sign language, enjoyed sharing stories with our friends, got to explore the water area in the rain and the children loved learning all about Frida Kahlo as part of our expressive arts last week to name but a few of the things we have explored. Well done Little Puffins!


Little Puffin’s Walk!

This week the Little Puffin’s went on our first walk. We have been learning all about ourselves and where we live. Earlier in the week the children looked at photographs of Fleetwood from the past – the children loved telling us about how it was different. We loved learning about the old train station and what the trams used to look like. We then looked at Google Maps and explored our route for a walk around Fleetwood. The children enjoyed pointing out places they knew on the plan and then on the actual walk. They all walked so well and made us all proud. We loved exploring using the binoculars and pointing out what we could see. What a wonderful first outing, well done Little Puffins! 


The Colour Monster!

This week the children have been learning all about The Colour Monster. We have been exploring the different feelings and learnt our new Makaton sign “calm”. In maths we have been sorting the coloured spaghetti and using the tweezers to pick it up to develop our fine motor skills. We have been developing our understanding of colour by painting the ice with water coloured paints and watching to see how the colours change and linked this to our understanding of the world by observing what happened to the ice over time. We welcome our parents in for our first “Come on in..” event and we had some special visitors in EYFS, we met some local police officers and the RNLI! What a busy week, well done Little Puffins!


Hartbeeps Halloween Special

This week the Hartbeeps sensory class visited us for a special Halloween event. The children got dressed up as pumpkins, enjoyed singing and dancing, making Halloween soup, flying on a magic carpet and playing different games based around rhymes and songs. They had the best time, thank you Hartbeeps.

Autumn 2 

Halloween and Diwali

This week we have been celebrating Halloween and Diwali in Nursery. The children have enjoyed exploring the pumpkins, taking on different roles based on our story Room on the Broom and learning about Diwali alongside making Diya lamps to celebrate! 

All about autumn

The children have been exploring autumn the last few weeks, we have used the magnifying glasses to explore the autumn resources the children collected at home. We have then made an autumn collage and looked at Andy Goldsworthy’s Autumn Leaves images and recreated them, we used the leaves to create autumn patterns in maths. Outside we have been exploring the weather, we made a weather diary and measured rainfall and looked at the direction and speed of wind. We then looked at the story Rosie’s Hat and explored the effects of wind. We have taken lots of trips up to the kitchen and have made our own autumn soup using our pumpkins linking to our story Pumpkin Soup and also breads to go alongside this and this week we made our own leaf pizza using autumnal coloured vegetables.

Christmas and Hanukkah

We have had a very busy last few weeks in Nursery. The Little Puffins have been in full elf mode, they performed in our EYFS nativity including a special performance of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in Makaton. They have been up to the school kitchen to bake gingerbread men and Latkes for Hanukkah. Some of the children got to taste a Christmas dinner. The children were very creative and helped create our school Christmas tree for the Local church competition. We enjoyed creating Christmas cards and copied the letters to our names when addressing them and we made Christmas lists and walked to the post-box to send them off to Santa. The children loved reading our text The Jolly Christmas Postman – sharing it with their friends and recreating it in the small world area. 


Spring 1


This half term we are looking at Winter, the children have enjoyed learning all about winter, exploring the arctic animals, playing in the “snow” and making our own winter soup. The children loved learning about the Northern Lights and using charcoal to create our own version. We have also enjoyed creating iceberg meringues in the DT room and experimenting on melting ice to see what makes it melt faster.  

Maths in Nursery

We have been amazing mathematicians in nursery this term. The children have enjoyed learning all about the numbers 3, 4 and 5. We have played bingo, attended the number 4 sports day, hunted for the numbers in our provision and built shapes with the matching amount of sides to our number.