Nursery – Useful Links

In EYFS we support the Lancashire Walk and Talk Campaign which is about inspiring families to go outside and communicate with each other.

Talking to young children during everyday activities can help them learn communication skills such as:

  • listening
  • attention
  • turn taking in a conversation
  • learning new words

Being outside is good for their wellbeing as well as your own and in Lancashire we have lots of beautiful places to walk and talk.

Click here to see the latest activities.

We support the Hungry Little Minds campaign which was created to support and encourage parents to engage in activities that support their child’s early learning and help set them up for school and beyond.

Click the link below to their website with lots of ideas to help your child learn by chatting, playing and reading with them.

Hungry Little Minds Website

In Nursery we use the Early Talk Boost Intervention. This is a targeted intervention aimed at 3-4 year old children with delayed language helping to boost their language skills to narrow the gap between them and their peers. The programme aims to accelerate children’s progress in language and communication by an average of 6 months, after a nine week intervention. 

See the video below for the Early Talk Boost Talking Tips.

Take a look at the Tiny Happy People website which is here to help you develop your child’s language skills. Explore the simple activities and play ideas and find out about babies and toddlers’ amazing early development.

Click here to visit their website.

See the video below from the website with 5 activity ideas to boost children’s language.