Governing Body

The Governing Body meets at least once every term and Governors have responsibility for the running of the school, in consultation with the headteacher.

There are normally 4 types of Governors,  Parent, Staff, Community and Local Authority.

The Headteacher is responsible to the Governors for the organisation, management and discipline of the school. Governors are elected to serve for a period of four years and the election process is managed in accordance with agreed LEA procedures.

At each termly meeting the Headteacher presents a detailed report to governors. Attendance at these meetings is recorded and shown below.  Committee meetings also take place termly for Resources and Standards and Effectiveness.  

Name Category Appointment




Committees Other



Positions of


Attendance at full governors


Attendance at full governors 21/22
Canon John Hall  Chair 24th February 2013 5th July 2025 Standards and Effectiveness Rossall School PSHE/Extended Schools

Children Looked After

Religious Education

2/2 2/2
Mrs Claire Murphy Headteacher 1st September 2016 31st August 2024 Resources and Standards and Effectiveness Fleetwood High School Headteacher 2/2 2/2
Mrs June Brand Community 1st August 2014 31st July 2022 Resources None  Humanities 2/2 1/2
Mrs Susan Jolley Community 11th November 2015 10th November 2023 Standards and Effectiveness None Safeguarding and

Early Years Foundation Stage

1/2 1/2
Mr Glenn Holt Staff 22nd October


21st October 2024 Standards and Effectiveness None Pupil Premium


2/2 2/2
Mrs Catherine Lea Community 27th March 2019 26th March 2023 Standards and Effectiveness None Literacy including phonics

Link Governor

2/2 2/2
Mr Gavin Grant Local Authority 16th March 2021 15th March 2025 Standards and Effectiveness None Special Educational Needs 1/1 1/2
Miss Jayne McBride Community 24th November 2020 12th December 2025 Resources None Numeracy

Health & Safety


2/2 2/2
Mr Gary Owens Community 15th March 2022 14th March 2026 TBC None 1/1
Mrs Carol Evans Parent 13 December 2021 12th December 2025 TBC None 1/1
Mr Stuart Grassie Parent 13th December 2021 12th December 2025 TBC None 1/1
Mr Martin Walsh Parent 13th December 2021 12th December 2025 TBC None 1/1

Register of interests:

Governors with a business interest:

Mr Stuart Grassie – Director of FY7 Software Ltd

Miss Jayne McBride – Spouse of Director of FY7 Software Ltd

Governors with a family relationship:

Mr Stuart Grassie – Partner on Board of Governors

Miss Jayne McBride – Partner on Board of Governors

Mr Glenn Holt – Partner works at Chaucer

The observers are associate members of the Governing Body and do not have voting rights.

Canon John Hall MA- Chair of Governors

I am the Vicar of Fleetwood and I have been here for the last seven years. I am married to Sandra a Headteacher of a local school and I have three grown up daughters, two of whom are in the teaching profession. I studied for my BA at Leeds University. My theological formation was at the College of the Resurrection, Mirfield, and my Masters Degree in Youth Spirituality was obtained from Lancaster University.

I have been Vicar of St. Peter’s and St. David’s Fleetwood for the last seven years, prior to that I was Vicar of Warton near Lancaster and before that Vicar of Nelson.

I am passionate about children’s welfare and particularly children from a disadvantaged background.