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R1A went on a material hunt!

Today we braved the cold and went on a hunt for materials…. We found some fantastic buildings and objects and enjoyed looking at see what materials they were made of.

12B went for a walk

Today we went for a walk to look at materials in the environment.

CSI Chaucer in KS1

The children in Mrs Brooke’s and Mrs Atherton’s classes will need to ready to investigate the crime scene left behind in The Three Bears cottage.

Practical Maths in 12B

This week we are focusing on measurements using The Three Bears traditional tale. 


Last week the children were learning all about mass. They were using the¬†scales and learning how to read them. They learnt how to measure the mass of different objects in grams. Today the children made GINGERBREAD MEN. We had to … Continue reading

3S Art Sketches

Class 3S had fun in Art this week. We looked at pictures created by different artists, such as Oenone Hammersley and Helen Cowcher. Then we practised sketching the outline of a rainforest picture.

Fleetwood Town Kids’ Cup

On Tuesday 17th January Chaucer Football Team played in the Kids’ Cup competition at the FUSE in Thornton. Thirty schools took part in the competition. Chaucer played well in the group stages, coming second in their group. This meant that … Continue reading

6B…..editors in the making?

  6B had a great morning learning about the life of a newspaper editor. Suzanne Warr, subeditor of The Guardian, gave us a taster of her work and showed us how to edit and improve our writing.

Class 2H have been learning about materials.

We used a really good website to investigate the properties of different materials. Then we had to sort the materials into different groups.

12B have made sock puppets

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