The 5/6G Cafe, Takeaway and Shop

During Practical maths week our class set up a cafe, a takeaway and a toy shop. We all split into groups and each day had a turn at one of the activities.

In the cafe, working in pairs, we each took turns at being the customer (ordering food and drink) and being the waiter/ess (taking the order, serving and working out the bill). The customers used wallets and purses with ‘money’ and the waiting staff had to work out the bill with a percentage service charge and give change.


We went shopping in the toy shop and we got to choose three items to buy. While we were shopping, we found out that there was a sale with a percentage discount. After choosing our toys, we worked out our total, and the percentage discount and finally our total amount to pay.




At the takeaway, we chose what we would like to eat and wrote it down and then used ‘phones’ to call our order in. The person at the end of the line took the order and told us there was a percentage discount if we collected the order or an extra charge if we had it delivered.  We decided which option to go for, then the takeaway and the customer worked out the final bill.