Science Day in R1W

Tuesday 12th March was Science Day 2019.  The children in R1W had an amazing time looking at pictures of catapults and predicting which catapult would work the best.  The children explored each of the catapults by pulling down the spoons and talking about which catapult would be the best and why.  They couldn’t wait to have a go! We went into the hall to test out the catapults as they said we would need room and they didn’t want to hurt anyone with the flying pom pom.

The children drew their chosen catapult and labelled the resources used in making the catapult. Some of the children were able to think scientifically about why their chosen catapult might work.

Annabell said, ‘S4 catapult is going to be the best because the spoon is higher and the pom pom will go further.’

Oliver said, ‘ I would have used B9 catapult because it has a big spoon.  The small marshmallow went high in the air and landed far away.’

At the end we evaluated our catapults and decided if we would keep our first choice or change to a different catapult.  Some of the children changed their catapult and had another go.