Race Equality Accreditation

At Chaucer Primary we are delighted to say that we have achieved our Race Equality Badge from Lancashire County Council. An assessor came into school for a morning, spoke with pupils, staff and governors about the work we have been doing on race equality. This is what she had to say:

‘Thank you to you, your staff, and pupils for being so welcoming and taking the time to speak with me in School last week. It was great to find out about the fantastic work that is going on in your school around equality. During the visit, it was evident that you have carried out all that you had planned to with regards to Race Equality. I was able to see this in the learning environment, and through speaking with yourself, the Teacher Governor, staff, and the Equality Pupil group. I was impressed with how embedded this work is within School. It is clear that Equality is and continues to be a key focus for School. I have therefore decided to award your school the Race Equality Badge. Congratulations.’