Physical Development in Nursery

Physical development is very important in the Early Years as it enhances concentration, motivation, learning and well-being.  In Nursery we provide many opportunities for physical play to promote fine and gross motor skills and hand / eye coordination.  Our children enjoy physical play, indoors and outdoors. We are also learning social skills as we cooperate with one another and show consideration for one another.

A selection of photos to show some of the things we have been doing this term.

Moving freely in a range of ways: walking

Getting ready to skip around the hall


Jumping off a step

Throwing beanbags into a hoop


Threading buttons on pipe cleaners to make Autumn trees.  Hula hooping.  Brushing develops our gross motor skills.  Balance and eye co-ordination.  Kicking and catching a ball.

Keep following us and we will show you more activities that helps develop our Physical development and our writing!