Phonics and Early Reading

The use of phonics is one of the many skills needed to be able to be a reader and writer. At Chaucer Primary School, we aim to teach high quality phonics to ensure the children have the best start possible in reading and writing. The learning of phonics is the beginning of children’s knowledge, skills and understanding that are an essential part of learning to read and to access a broad and rich body of written word. In order to read and understand texts children must learn to recognise/decode the words on the page. Good quality phonics teaching allows the child to be secure in the skills of word recognition and decoding which allows children to read fluently. This will result in children being able to read for pleasure and will allow them to move onto developing higher order reading for meaning skills. We also aim to provide the children with the tools to write with confidence and clarity from an early stage and to use their phonemic knowledge to build words in order to communicate through written work.  

Reading is central to day to day life in our school. Children are read to as a whole class daily, read in groups, read individually to an adult and read independently. Our children’s journey to become fluent, independent readers begins at the very start of school in EYFS with Phonics.