Our Learning in Reception

All About Me

Starting school can be an exciting time but also very nervous for many of our young children and their families.  The new Reception children have been in school for a full week and have been very busy making new friends, playing and sharing their new resources.  There were so many lovely moments from the first week but here are just a few pictures to share their success.  We have been painting portraits of ourselves and can talk about our faces.

Self Portraits

We have been painting portraits of ourselves and can talk about our faces.

White Rose Maths:

This term the children have been showing off their understanding of maths.  They have been matching and socking socks, compare bears, elephants and buttons via colour, shape and size.  The children have shown great understanding of sorting and guessing the rules of how a group can be sorted.  

The children used the objects they collected when out for autumn walks to create repeating patterns.

People who help us!

This half term we learnt how we are unique and special, the importance of friendship and how people in their families, school and the local community are important and can help. Firefighters, the police and representative from the RNLI came to visit us in school.  We enjoyed learning more about how they help people in our community.

PE in Reception: Rosie’s Walk 

Our PE this term was based around the story of Rosie’s walk. Rosie is a hen to goes for a walk around the farmyard.  But she needs to watch out as there is a sneaky fox on the prowl. The skills we have learnt were: to jump and land appropriately, to experiment with different ways of travelling, to climb under, over and through climbing equipment and to experiment with different ways of travelling on hands and feet.

Remembrance Day:

The children celebrated Remembrance Day by wearing poppies, used water paints to paint poppies, decorated biscuits like poppies, turned pumpkins into Flanders field and walk to the cenotaph in Memorial Park.  There the children remembered the soldiers and animals who died in the war.  


To celebrate Diwali 🪔 the children learnt about the story of Rama and Sita. We talked about how brave Rama was in his search for Sita and times when we have been brave: ‘ I am brave when I climb the ladder in PE.’ ‘ I am brave when I’m on the top bar and I flick over when playing outside.’ ‘When I leave my mummy in the morning.’ ‘When I fall over outside and hurt my knee.’

The children demonstrated their critical thinking skills when they created a bridge like the one in the story. They worked together sharing ideas and how they were going to make a bridge that would go over the water. The children used the resources well and preserved when building especially when their bridge broke with the weight or wasn’t attached well. 

Rangoli patterns- The children created rangoli patterns using shapes and chalk. They learnt that Rangoli patterns are drawn on the floor near the entrance to a house to welcome guests. The patterns are to encourage the goddess of wealth to enter their homes.



Over the last few weeks in Reception, we have been learning about and celebrating Christmas! We used our phonics knowledge and wrote letters to Santa and we even made our own envelopes. Once we had written our letters, we went for a walk to our local post box to send them off. 


We enjoyed taking part in the sponsored Elf Run for Trinity Hospice. The children walked very sensibly after our discussion on road safety. 

The children did an amazing job of rehearsing and performing for our Nativity. All of the parents and staff were super proud of their performance! 


We had a Christmas craft morning where we invited parents into school to join the children in making different Christmas-themed art. We did the same in the classroom and made Christmas themed crowns to wear whilst we had our Christmas dinner.


We had an amazing time at our Christmas party to finish off a great term! We played party games and even had a special visit from Santa. 


Spring 1 – Starry Night

During this topic, we explored the world at night time and compared this to during the day. We also learnt about nocturnal animals.

We learnt about ‘pointillism’ and used this technique to create our own Starry Night pictures. 

We learnt all about Owls and read ‘Owl Babies’ and a non-fiction text all about Owls. We also baked Owl biscuits and made bird feeders.

We learnt that a constellation is the pattern that is made when you join stars together and we made our own!


Spring 2 – Dangerous Dinosaurs!

A mysterious egg appeared in our classroom. We made predictions as to what we thought it could be. We waited very patiently and observed each little crack!

We used different types and sizes of pasta in our loose parts area to very carefully re-create dinosaur skeletons.

We used salt dough to make our very own dinosaur fossils. We have learnt that fossils are the remains of an animal or plant and that scientists who study fossils are called palaeontologists. 

Fleetwood Library Visit

We enjoyed a lovely walk to Fleetwood Library where we listened to Sue read us a story all about Dinosaurs. We are looking forward to visiting again.