Nursery – Spring 2 Blog

Spring 2

Rosie’s Walk and What the Ladybird Heard

This term we are looking at the farm. The children have loved listening to the story Rosie’s walk, learning all about positional language. The children loved creating their own obstacle courses and using positional language as they travelled around it. We then built our own windmills and looked at the process of how flour is made. We then made our own bread rolls linking to the story. The children then build Rosie a den outside using their teamwork and communication skills. We loved making up our own story – The Little Puffins Walk! We then looked at the story What the Ladybird Heard. The children enjoyed recreating the story with the small world animals, creating wanted posters for Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len. We loved celebrating World Book Day – coming in dressed as our favourite characters, sharing our favourite stories and our older sibling came to visit to read with us.

Look Inside a Farm 

We have had a fantastic two weeks enjoying our book Look Inside a Farm. The children used the large construction materials outside to build a tractor, we have enjoyed mark making farm animals using the chalk outside also. During this week we loved exploring the snow – dancing in it and watching it as it fell – we loved using our knowledge from last term to talk about the snow. We also celebrated Holi this week, we used coloured sand and added it to the person and mixed it up. We then made a curry in the DT room, chopping the vegetables and adding the different spices. We loved to try this after. In maths we have looked at length and height – we drew around our feet and measured them using cubes, we then counted the cubes and compared the sizes with each other.

Farm and Easter

During the final two weeks of term we have enjoyed learning more about the farm and spring, we looked back at our key questions from the start of term all about the farm and were able to answer some of them. The rest we are going to take on our visit to Farmer Parr’s to find answers to these. We looked at signs of spring and Dame Barbara Hepworth’s sculpture “spring” and used clay to recreate this. In maths we enjoyed looking at mass and capacity. The children used the buckets to become balance scales and we loved using our new vocabulary surrounding capacity within sand and water play. We have also learnt all about the story of Easter. The children then enjoyed building on their scissor skills to cut our their own Easter basket. We then used our critical thinking to answer clues during our Egg hunt and were surprised by the Easter Bunny at the end with eggs for us all.