Nursery – Spring 1 Blog

Spring 1


We have loved learning all about Winter today. The children have been creating iceberg meringues, looking at the northern lights, using the pastels to creating our own. We have loved exploring “snow” creating patterns. We have also enjoyed making our own winter soups chopping our fruit and vegetables.

Magnificent Maths

The children have loved our maths sessions these last few weeks. They have explored numbers to 5, and shapes that link to those numbers. We talked about the number 4 and linked to shapes by looking at squares and rectangles and building them with the sticks. We identified different ways to make the numbers looking at the composition of them and took part in a numbers sports day – throwing beanbags to a certain number, skittles and number races.


Stickman and Antarctic 

We have loved listening to the Stickman story this week, the children then went on a hunt for our own sticks and we created natural stickmen and used pipe cleaners to make them. We learnt all about penguins and arctic animals by reading the story One Day on our Blue Planet in the Antarctic. The children then painted their own penguins. We loved creating our own our own 3D valentines cards and mark making our names