Nursery Blog – Autumn 1 – 2023-2024

Humpty Dumpty – After the Fall

This week we have enjoyed exploring the text – After the Fall. The text follows Humpty Dumpty’s journey after he fell of the wall and how he fought through his fears and was brave enough to climb the wall again. The children have enjoyed creating their own Humpty Dumpty with clay. They have built a wall for Humpty Dumpty in the messy play area and loose parts area. We also created paper airplanes line the one in the story then tested to see who’s flew further. 

Our Visit from the Fire Service

We had a very special visit from the fire service. The children loved learning all about what they do, what they need to wear or use in case of an emergency and asked lots of questions. Some of us even got to try using the hose. The children had the most incredible time and we so excited to talk about it when we were back in our classroom. We then enjoyed developing our painting skills, thinking about the colours we need and the shapes we should paint to paint our on interpretation of a fire engine. 

Each Peach Pear Plum

This week we have explored the text “Each Peach Pear Plum” in the book they find a plum pie. This inspired us and we decided to design and make our own pie. First we designed our pie talking about what we wanted to put into it. We then created a shopping list and took part in our own survey to decide on what ingredients we wanted to use the most. Then the children visited the fruit and veg shop and bought our ingredients and finally we enjoyed prepping them to make our own pie. We loved trying our pie and were so proud that we had made it all by ourselves. 

The Big Book of Nursery Rhymes

This week we have enjoyed exploring lots of different nursery rhymes. The children have used the fishing rods and nets to catch the fish and sang along to “1,2,3,4,5 Once I Caught a Fish Alive”. We used the tweezers to add wool back to “Mary’s Little Lambs”, we enjoyed sewing our very our mouse to use when singing along to “Hickory Dickory Dock” and have enjoyed painting the “5 current buns”. We have also enjoyed our visit to the library where the lovely librarian read to us. In our maths sessions this week we have enjoyed learning all about match and then enjoyed matching the bears by size and colour. 

Walk and Talk – At the Park

At The Little Puffin Nursery we are taking part in the Lancashire Walk and Talk campaign. This campaign helps inspire families to go outside and communicate with each other. We have enjoyed inviting parents along to our first walk and talk session which focused on – At the Park. 

The children loved visiting the park speaking about what they could see, hear, smell, feel. We spoke about the signs of autumn and children collected autumn inspired items. 


Forest Schools – Week 2

We had the best time at forest school. The children enjoyed making muddy footprints ready to measure when we returned to school, adding cubes and then counting them comparing there footprint with a friend. We made a person using natural materials and we explored the environment. We cannot wait to go again.

The Colour Monster

We have had a fantastic week learning all about “The Colour Monster”. The children have enjoyed exploring the different feelings and emotions, we talked about what made us have them feelings and what to do with them. The children created their own colour monster and we explored sorted his coloured spaghetti using the tweezers. We have loved exploring colour this week – we enjoyed mixing the colours and seeing the effect. We enjoyed taking part in our science experiment mixing the different coloured water, predicting what will happen then seeing the result. We have had an amazing week! Well done Little Puffins! 

Our Library Visit

Today our nursery children visited the Library. We loved exploring lots of different texts and sharing stories together. We then returned to school and picked a book from our school library to borrow and take home. We cannot wait to go again in a few weeks.

Our First Few Weeks

We have had a fantastic first few weeks in nursery. The children have explored our core text “Peter Puffin” – we loved learning all about puffins and creating our own Puffins. We then looked at the text “Super Duper You”- We loved learning about ourselves, we created self portraits in different media. The children then looked at Frida Kahlo and created our own flower crowns like Frida’s self portrait. We took a tour of our school and have enjoyed making the building and our homes in the construction area. The children have enjoyed lots of mark making, developing scissor skills and taking on various roles in the home corner – making our own playdough.

Forest Schools 


Nursery had a fantastic time during our forest school session. We took part in a helicopter communication game during our “circle time in nature”, we then collected natural materials and created our own natural self portraits. We used some images to help and talked about the facial features and some children told us the faces were happy/sad based on their smile. We then listened to the story “Leaf Man” and spoke about how the leaves looked like lots of different animals. The children cannot wait to go again in a few weeks!