Nursery – Autumn 2 Blog

Autumn 2 

Halloween and Diwali

This week we have been celebrating Halloween and Diwali in Nursery. The children have enjoyed exploring the pumpkins, taking on different roles based on our story Room on the Broom and learning about Diwali alongside making Diya lamps to celebrate! 


Leaf Man and Autumn

This week we have been enjoying listening to the story Leaf Man. We have enjoyed learning all about autumn and hunting for signs of autumn outside. We created our own Lead Pizza, enjoying using the safety knives to cut the vegetables to put onto the pizza. We created leaf patterns using the different coloured and shaped leaves and made our own Hedgehogs. 

Hanukkah and Christmas

We have loved celebrating Hanukkah this week, learning all about the celebration and making our own Latkes in the DT room. We looked at the Christmas celebration also, enjoying making letters for Father Christmas and walking to the post box to send them to him. We practiced wrapping presents and making gingerbread men. We have loved looking at the story The Jolly Christmas Postman and creating a story map for the story and decorating the Christmas tree for the local church competition.