Mental Health Enrichment Day

Our children have recently participated in a very successful Mental Health Enrichment Day. This day was dedicated to providing a range of activities designed to explore mindfulness, wellbeing and coping techniques to help deal with stress and adversity.

The day was divided into three sessions. The first session, ‘Healthy Heads’, focused on understanding mental health and ways to improve it, by exploring the fascinating concept of ‘The animals in our brains’. This session gave valuable insight and provided strategies which our children can use to enhance their mental well-being.

The second session was led by Yogi Group. Here children learned about the benefits of yoga, meditation and breathing techniques. These practices are essential for promoting mindfulness and inner peace.

The final session was led by Lee Cadwallader. Lee guided the children on how to become the best versions of themselves, whilst working collaboratively to achieve common goals. This session not only reinforced the importance of teamwork but also instilled valuable life skills that our children can apply to situations in the future.

The feedback from both the children and staff has been overwhelmingly positive. It was a fantastic opportunity for our pupils to learn, grow and develop essential skills that will benefit them both academically and personally.