Lucy’s Nightmare – Mason Clayton (4J)

Mason Clayton’s exciting and imaginative ending, full of suspense, to the story extract Lucy’s Nightmare.

The story so far….. Lucy could hear strange noises. She heard creaking on the stairs and heard her attic bedroom door open and she saw a dark, oily figure in her bedroom. The figure put a hand on her shoulder….. It was a girl…..then Lucy woke up, but was it a dream? She had shut her door. If her door was open she would know…….

Mason wrote:

But if the door was now open, wouldn’t that mean it’s not a dream and SHE’S IN MY HOUSE!

I’d better go downstairs………….Who are you?

I’m running back to the attic, kicking the ladder down.

I look behind me, a box was there but it was gone. I hear giggling: I heard nails on the wooden attic.

“W…w…where are you?” I hear a reply, “I’m everywhere, he he he!”

I gasp, its eyes are dead.

I run to the door but the handle was too slippery. She’s blocking my way, if I get close to her it makes me dizzy.

I looked for a weapon. I grabbed a knife… was gone! I shout “Where are you?” I try to climb out of my window but she locked all the windows.

I just found out she’s an oil spirit. She leaves notes that say, You can’t leave and you can’t save her!