Letter to the children at Chaucer, please share your child.

A Message for all the Chaucer children      

We miss you all in so many ways during this very strange time of homeschooling, being away from your friends and the routines of school. 

It is Summer term 2020, the last term of the year and one we will never forget. 

We miss so many things and below are just a few.

We miss the yellow gingham dresses dancing in the sunshine, the tank tops and shorts playing footie on the MUGA,. The red faces racing to the water fountain after play, shirts hanging out and ties lopsided. 

We miss your smiling faces every morning on the way into school, the cheeky ones too,

We even miss sorting out your differences, which change from playtime to playtime. 

We miss teaching you to read and write. We miss teaching you timetables, spellings, vocabulary and new skills. 

We miss sharing stories, long and short, unpicking the characters and events, the predictions the inference, the retrieval.

We miss the assemblies, the coming together to sing and discuss our values, our beliefs and the importance of always being kind.

We miss you singing with such enthusiasm (apart from most of year 6) our favourite songs from the Greatest Showman and Moana.

We miss the topics we had planned to cover and the trips we were to take. The sports day with family and friends cheering you on.

We will even miss the anticipation of SATs results day, despite knowing you will all have done yourselves and us proud. The pride we have when sharing these results acknowledges your hard work and the progress you have made. Rest assured this is something we feel anyway and are proud of each and every one of you!

We are proud of all the hard work work all of you have put in this year from children in the Early Years learning to read, children in year 1 mastering their phonics, those of you in year 2-5 making excellent progress in your reading, writing and maths. 

Despite all the things we are going to miss, there is lots we intend to still do, if not this term then sometime soon.

Ice- cream van on the playground for a well deserved summer treat.

Barbeques with family and friends for our lovely year 6.

Leavers hoodies, assemblies, and prom, awards and recognition for all you have achieved and will go on to do as a Chaucer pupil through and through. 

Leavers service, songs and speeches, tears and applause, celebrating the end of an era but the start of a new one.

We miss all of these things but know very soon they will return. We will welcome new children and families in September and you will continue to make us laugh and smile. 

In the meantime stay safe and well and know that we all miss you and look forward to seeing you soon. We are all still here if you need us and in the meantime it is lovely to see you with your rainbow pictures and Charlie the Chaucer bear. 

Keep smiling, stay safe and well and know we will be together as a Chaucer family soon.

From all the staff at Chaucer Primary School