Lancashire PE Week 4 Timetable

Spar Lancashire School Games Stay at Home Programme
Here are the direct links to the programme for your week 4 timetable:
What’s New
  • A brand new ‘Create’ exercise for Year 1 & 2. In addition to the new Learn and challenge cards (this week’s skill is running), Year 1 & 2 will have access to a Gymnastics ‘Create’ resource which will allow young people to be creative by creating a sequence of travel and balance actions.
  • New Spar Lancashire School Games Heroes Challenge- The challenge will be Tri-Golf and linked to this weeks Year 3-6 learn activity ‘Tri-Throlf’. 
  • There is also some great daily move and play activities for you to try. Friday’s ‘Today’s top Play’ has a very special guest appearance from Elsa from Frozen.