KS2 Aqua Splash Festival

On Tuesday 3rd October we took part in the Aqua Splash Festival. This consisted of four races:

Race 1 – Horsey Ride – Each lane was given a woggle and had to jump/skip/gallop the length of the pool and touch the other side of the pool before passing the woggle onto the next person. 

Race 2 – Magic Ball – Each lane was given a ball and had to move the ball without touching it by pushing the water behind, from one end of the pool to the other.

Race 3 – Rubber Ring – A ring was sunk into the middle of the pool in line with our lane. Once reaching the ring the children had to either dive down and swim through the ring or pick the ring up and place it over their heads, step through the ring and then continue. 

Race 4 – T-shirt Swap – The children had to swim/walk the length of the pool and touch the side. Then they had to remove the t-shirt and pass it onto the next person.


The children in the team represented the school flawlessly. They worked well as a team, encouraging each other throughout the competition.