Fleetwood to India via Cairo

On Thursday 7th June, our Year 3 and 4 pupils went on a trip through the ages as they visited the Harris Museum’s Ancient Egypt exhibition and a Gurdwara. In line with the classroom learning, the children went to look at some Ancient Egyptian artifacts. There were models of Egyptian Gods, some pieces of Egyptian buildings and plenty of Scarab Beetles for the children to admire. The children were then treated to a walk around the balcony of the museum, normally closed off to the general public, where they had the chance to have a closer look at some pictures of Ancient Egypt and draw the same pictures.

The next activity allowed the children to use their imagination, looking at a picture of a group of Egyptians fleeing The Sudden Rising of The Nile. They were asked to describe how the Egyptians may have felt during this time with their houses flooding and having to leave their village. The children then had the opportunity to create their own pose of how they might have fled if they were around at the time of ‘The Nile Rising’.

The second part of the trip took us from Cairo to India, and to a Gurdwara, a Sikh temple. The children learnt about the 10 gurus and how the Sikh religion became what it is today. They also learnt about what it is like to live as a Sikh today and got to witness a traditional Sikh wedding, as Maddison married Eli.

As the Sikh community never leave their place of worship without eating together, so the children finished their day in traditional fashion…eating together.

The children engaged in all aspects of the day and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.