Fire Fighting in Foundation Stage

We had a very special visit this week in Foundation Stage from the Firemen! 

They taught us all about their uniform and how they put it on…

 The trousers and boots…

 The jacket…

 Sometimes the fireman needed a little help from us to make sure he got his uniform on the right way…

 The air tank…

 The face mask…we said he looked like a ninja!

 All ready to fight a fire.

Then it was our turn.

 A little big maybe?

 “Where are my hands?”

 Tee hee!!!

We then got to go and have a look around the fire truck. It was so big, we needed a fireman’s lift just getting on and off.

The best part of the day was being able to squirt water out of the fire hose!

We had such an amazing day! Thank you so much to the Fleetwood Fire Service.

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