Curriculum KS1 2019-20


Year 1 Traditional Tales

Year 2 Traditional Tales with a Twist


Labels, lists and captions

Maths—Place Value— Year 1

As mathematicians we can count to 20 from any number forwards and backwards. Count read & write numbers to 20 in digits and words. Identify 1 more and 1 less to 20. Use the language of more than & less than. Represent numbers in different ways using pictures & objects.


As scientists we can explain some properties of objects and materials. Tell the difference between an object and a material. We can name some everyday objects and say what they are made of. We can compare and group materials using their properties. We can ask and answer questions We will undertake a scientific enquiry ‘What is the best material to build a model house?’


As Theologians we are learning to re-tell the Christian Creation Story and to explore how this influences how Christians behave towards nature and the environment.

To understand the importance of looking after the world.

Maths –Place Value– Year 2

As mathematician we can read & write numbers to100, in numerals & words. Recognise the place value of 2 digit numbers. Compare & order numbers from 0-100. Use place value & number facts to solve problems. Count in 2s, 3s & 5s from 0. Count in 10s from any number forwards & backwards.


As geographers we can use geographical vocabulary. We can use maps of our local area, describe the features of our town and follow routes. We can go outside, and

undertake simple fieldwork, observing our school and the area around it. Whilst looking at a map I can use geographical vocabulary.


As design technologists we will build houses! We will select from and use a range of materials and including construction materials, considering their characteristics to build different house structures, exploring how they can be made stronger, stiffer and more stable.

We will evaluate our houses and consider how we can improve them further.

To build a strong structure of a model house.


Computing As computer scientists we can understand the uses of digital objects used in our day to day lives. Understand digital technology can be used for leisure. We can make simple marks using pen and/or brush tools. Click on pictures and move them around the screen. Change the colour of a brush. Use the tools to clear the screen. Use the paint brush to fill a space. Use the fill tool to ensure that shapes that are created are filled with solid, pattern and gradient fill colours Paint a picture of The Three Pigs & their houses.

Using Lancashire’s music service learning an instrument.


Core skills


New beginnings. How do we feel? How should we react? How can I help myself?

We Are Builders
Lets Celebrate
The Big City - London