Chaucer Sports Day

With the perfect weather, it only seemed fitting that Chaucer had their 2-day mini Olympic-style sports competition.

With a mixture of events from basketball to hop-scotch and speed bounds to javelin;  it is safe to say that all the children had an eventful time. They tried each event enthusiastically and with great determination.

Opening the sports day on day one was our Reception year group, having their first Chaucer Sports Day and what a pleasure it was to watch these little smiling faces have such a fun time. They all tried their best and gave everything to each of the 8 events. Nursery closed the morning session and it was a pleasure to witness our youngest children having so much fun.

KS1 were up next and just like the Reception group before them, the beaming smiles across their faces could not be removed. Each child showed incredible determination in trying events they had not seen or heard of before.

Day two and things started to get serious. The competition had truly begun.

With KS2 participants being able to earn points for their respected house groups, there seemed to be a competitive atmosphere in the air.

Lower KS2 had the opportunity to get the first house points on the board and they did not disappoint. The level of application from every child was incredible and even though there was a competition taking place, the smiles from day one didn’t disappear.

Into the afternoon session and Upper KS2’s turn. After a quick look at the scores, any of the 4 houses could still be victorious. Closing the show was our Year 6 class, taking part in their last sports day at Chaucer. They closed the show in style, with the lead in the house competition changing 3 times.

All of our children showed true sporting values in their performances. There was great sportsmanship, with children cheering on friends from other houses. The children’s determination and application was incredible but, most of all, the smiles on every single child’s face made the event the success it was.

A massive thank you to our Year 6 Sports Leaders for helping with the smooth running of the event and to our Year 6 Media Team, who got some incredible pictures and footage of the event.