Characteristics of Effective Learning

Curious Caterpillar

“I have been a curious thinker by asking questions and exploring.”

Our Curious Caterpillar helps inspire our children to ask questions about the world and their surroundings. It encourages children to think about why and how things are done and the effect of them. We want children to develop a love for learning and exploration by becoming curious thinkers.

Respectful Rhino

“I have been kind and caring.”

The Respectful Rhino reminds everyone to be kind and caring and to always think of others. We remember that everyone is important and that good manners help to make our school a happy place to be. He also reminds us to look after our school environment and resources.

Independent Iguana

“I have tried something new.”

Our Independent Iguana encourages everyone to have a go! From fastening a coat in nursery to selecting resources to support mathematical understanding in reception, it is always worth trying to do it yourself before asking for help. Children are encouraged to think about the next job, can they organise themselves before they are directed?

Resilient Rabbit

“I keep on trying.”

Our Resilient Rabbit encourages the children to always give something a try, to preserve through challenge and to support each other where they can. We want children to challenge themselves and always try their best like the Resilient Rabbit.

Creative Cat

“I choose ways to do things and have my own ideas.”

The Creative Cat helps children to use their imagination, think outside of the box and to develop their ideas. Thinking creatively helps children to problem solve in so many ways. He celebrates different approaches and individual thinkers.

Confident Chimpanzee

“I have made links and am proud of what I can do.”

The Confident Chimpanzee helps children to explore the environment – choosing what to do in the setting, having the confidence to ask questions and make conversation with the adults and peers in the classroom. To share experiences with others and to develop ideas and links in learning together. They are able to take on roles and act out experiences showing a can do attitude to learning.