Change 4 Life

At Chaucer, we have been very lucky to be able to run, alongside Fleetwood Town FC, a Change 4 Life club. The children at the club have been learning about the benefits of eating healthily and being active.

One of the sessions looked at learning about what types of food we need on our plate to make it healthy and balanced and the children enjoyed creating their own meal.

In another session, children discussed the importance of being active and understanding what happens to our bodies when we are active. The children were given a Change 4 Life band to keep track of how active they are throughout the day.

The children attending the club have had so much fun and thoroughly enjoyed each session so far. They are looking forward to the next session with great anticipation. One child stated that, ‘I have found learning about different food groups, like protein and carbohydrates and the effect they have when playing sport, really interesting’.

Change 4 Life packs have been sent out with every pupil at Chaucer Primary. In the pack, the whole family can learn about making healthier swaps to help them lead healthier and happier lives.