All about School Council

School Council Blog

Welcome to the blog for our School Council where we will be adding posts after our regular meetings. If you have any questions about the School Council please speak with Mrs Willis.

What is school Council?

We meet to discuss ways in which every life and routine in school could be improved.  It is our voices that make decisions which affect school lives and the development of our school.

Vision Statement

Our vision is, for all children at Chaucer Primary School to be able to have a voice and contribute towards the continuous improvement of our school community.

This year we will be leading  four whole school projects:

  1. We will be working as a team to improve attendance across our school.
  2. We will be working with our classes to ensure we are taking pride in our learning.
  3.  We will be working with our classes in promoting a love for reading across school.
  4. We will be working as a team to promote our school values within school and community.