Netball Challenge

SPAR Lancashire School Games

Stay at Home Heroes – Netball
Challenge yourself, and your friends, to see who can ‘Tap the balloon and drive’. The school with the most entries will win a Lancashire School Games t-shirt for each child and the individuals from KS1, KS2 and KS3/4 with the highest score and best technique will win a Lancashire School Games PE bag, water bottle and t-shirt.
How to:
If you have some balloons then great, if not any ball will do. With one hand on the balloon attempt to keep it in the air whilst moving between 2 obstacles either side of you. Taking the balloon from the middle and taping it with control to keep it under control. How many taps of the obstacles can you do in 60 seconds?
Set out two obstacles (chairs are perfect) the following distance away from each other for your year group (if you’re doing this outside, look out for the wind!):
KS1 Obstacles 150cm apart
KS2 Obstacles 200cm apart
KS3/4 Obstacles 250cm meters apart
To make it:
• Easier – Add more air to your balloon.
• Harder – Move the obstacles further away and maybe even add more obstacles.
• Inclusive – try it seated or stood still and if you haven’t a balloon to keep up then use any type of ball but allow it to bounce once before tapping.
Take a picture or even better a video by Friday 29th May and send your entries to giving your name, age group, school and score. Please also post your attempts on social media and see if your friends and fellow students can beat you using the hash tag #LancsGames20

Please go to Facebook and search wyreandfyldessp or Twitter @wyreandfyldesgo where you will find the video demonstration along with lots of other fun information.