3S – Maths on the Run!

Last week 3S enjoyed practical maths week. We did many things inside and outside of the classroom. On Thursday we went to the FUSE at Fleetwood Town. At the FUSE we enjoyed taking part in many different sporting activities, which also involved maths work. The aim of the morning was to get as many points on each station as possible. At each station you would have to times your score by a specific number.

3S were asked to evaluate practical maths week for their homework. Here are some of their quotes:

“It was a great week because we got to go out of the classroom. The highlight was going to the FUSE because we had lots of fun doing PE and maths.”

“I really enjoyed the week because we weren’t stuck in the classroom.”

“Last week I had lots of fun because we weren’t in the classroom all the time. My favourite part of the week was going to the FUSE in Thornton because we got to do sport as well as maths. I had lots of fun.”