12B Pirate Stories

We have been writing our own pirate stories based on the story Pirate Pete and his Smelly  Feet by Lucy Rowland and Mark Chambers

Old pirate Steve was the most fantastic pirate on the sea! He really loved the sea. Every day he walked the plank. The top and bottom of his t-shirt was blue, and left and right were black. The legs were the same and the arms were too. The hat was brown and he was from Minecraft. And had a nuclear bomb and placed it on the ship Steve had no choice but to save the Captain. The captain jumped. Steve caught the captain so they survived.


Old pirate ram was the roughest pirate, the roughest pirate on the sea! He wore a blue jacket with a black hat. He also has a silver sword. The problem with Ram is that he’s too rough.  And the crew didn’t know what to do. He walked the plank and in he fell. He swished and swirled. He tried to get on an island but couldn’t swim. In he sank the seaweed swirled around Ram’s feet. Suddenly, from the sea Rough Ram heard ‘help!’ in the distance. When he looked to the sea he could see hammer head sharks. He found a coconut and threw it to the hammerheads. Hooray! said the crew.


Old pirate Rosk was the reddest pirate, the reddest pirate on the sea! Rosk wore a cardigan that was pink and had red buttons. She had a orange skirt and an orange top. The problem with Rosk was that she painted the ship red and the crew didn’t know what to do. Soon the Captain was fed up of washing the ship. So the Captain decided that Rosk had to walk the plank. Rosk sniffled farewell and splash in she fell and ever so slowly she sank. The seaweed as it swirled around Rosk as she swirled. When the tide came in Rosk got washed on to an island. Suddenly she heard someone calling for help as she looked to the water she saw three hungry killer whales in a row. Rosk said I must help them. Rosk painted the killer whales red. She frightened them away. Three cheers for Rosk.


Old pirate Lola had the smelliest feet on the sea. She had a black pirate hat and she had a pirate dress. She had an eye patch and she is a smelly pirate and a dirty pirate. All of the Captain and crew didn’t know what to do. Captain is just one thing left to do, its time old pirate Lola walked the plank and in she fell. When she fell in she swim to land on an island. She heard someone calling for help. Old pirate Lola look around. My friends calling for help I must help them.


Old pirate Kitty was the smelliest pirate on the sea she had a long hair and she had eye patch .She had a dress the colour is pink and blue and she had a pink hat .The problem with Kitty she was smelly the captain didn’t know what to do so the captain said walk the plank. She fall on the water with a swoosh and a swish. She walk in the plank. Soon somebody said help because of three hungry sharks .The pirate saw Kitty the pirate said horray.


Old pirate Sharon was the jumpiest pirate on the sea. She has a dress and black sunglasses. She has a red hat. The problem with Sharon was that she coloured all over the ship and the crew didn’t know what to do! When the captain was fed up of cleaning the ship they decided Sharon had to walk the plank. Sharon she sank and the seaweed surrounded Sharon. She disturbed all of the fish and they all swam away. Suddenly Sharon heard ‘Help!’ She looked around with three hungry sharks in a row. The pirates clung to the sail. The pirate looked closely to her feet. Then the pirates spotted Sharon. Then the pirates said look it is Sharon. The end.