Ofsted Reports

Ofsted Report: December 2014

It is with pleasure that I attach a copy of the school’s most recent OfSTED report following the inspection that was carried out in school on 11th and 12th December 2014. To read and download the report please click on the link above.

We are delighted that the inspection team agreed with the school’s own self-evaluation that we are a “good” school in all the areas inspected. We have always known that we are a good school and the overwhelming majority of our parents have endorsed this view. However, it is reassuring to have official recognition of the fact from OfSTED.

I hope that you will read the report and make note of the positive comments that the inspection team have made. They have identified a small number of areas that the school should look at in order to improve the judgment to “outstanding” at the next inspection. We will of course be working on these recommendations in addition to other areas that we believe we need to develop in order to make Chaucer the best school we can possibly be.

A “good” or “outstanding” school is defined in many ways in addition to the areas that are inspected by OfSTED. I would like to take this opportunity to thank staff, governors and parents for their support and hard work over the years to achieve this positive recognition of the school. Above all I would like to thank the children who, almost without exception, represent our school so well. It is pleasing that one of our local high school head teachers offered to speak to the OfSTED team, on our behalf, to let them know that Chaucer children and the work of the school are regarded highly by our high school colleagues.

The hard work does not stop following the inspection. It goes on, and I ask for continuing support from everyone associated with the school in our drive to make Chaucer a truly “outstanding” school.